January 26, 2004

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More cooking

My wildly successful winter recipie (1 trackback, thanks Rob, zero comments, thousands of happy customers) means I'm going to divulge my favourite meal when Mrs M is out and the kids are safely tucked in bed.


One video/DVD Mrs M isn't interested in
One telephone
One large plate
One wallet (containing money)
One knife, one fork (optional)

Insert video/DVD and get it to the start of the first scene. Pick up telephone and dial local pizza place. Order Mexican pizza (Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, capsicum, mushrooms, smattering of chilli). Refuse offers of garlic bread, dessert, drinks. Ask for cost and estimated delivery time. Prepare cash including tip money. Commence watching video/DVD. Pizza should arrive just as the exposition has finished. Pay delivery person, push dog away from pizza. Eat until bloated. Wash down with a 2004 Coke or late 2003 Heineken.

I am a knife and fork kind of guy with a pizza, much to Mrs M's disgust. Neverthless, I figure God didn't give us opposable digits just to eat pizza with our fingers. Ummm, no maybe it was God didn't give us knife and forks to eat pizza with our fingers. No, it's that cutlery is what seperates us from the animals. That's it.

Another recipie brought to you courtesy of my inability to cook.

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