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January 22, 2004

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I have established there are four tasks that each reader of this blog needs to undertake in the next few days in order to improve the world:

1. The readership of this blog is stuck around the 150-175 people per day mark. That's not bad but it needs work. Especially given many of those hits are coming from my family. So let's all work together to improve the hits.

What can you do? If each reader simply introduces another new reader in the next week my mathematics tells me readership will double! For extra credit, bring in two new readers or more! Of course there's a prize* for the person responsible for the biggest lift in readership.

Some ways to tell people to read this blog:
* Literacy programs
* English as a Second Language classes
* Cultural Studies lectures
* Having 20 minutes to kill at lunchtime
* At your website

Some times not to mention this blog:
* Funerals
* Boarding airplanes to the USA
* Your annual job review

2. Keep the baby names coming in and join the Big Vote in the sidebar.

3. It's a little late in the piece, but sending a vote for me in the Best Overseas Blog in the Australian Blog Awards means I'll receive more than the vote I put in for myself. Voting ends 25th January (Sunday). This is one all my fellow Hong Kong bloggers can help me with - let's all work together to show Aussies how well China can subvert work together. You know, Communism in action. May as well get used to it now rather than wait for 2047.

4. Check out some of the favourite posts in the Favourite Post section of the sidebar (d'uh). There's some of my favourite posts in that section. Hence the Favourite Posts section title: "Favourite Posts".

UPDATE: Let this be your guide...one hand on the prize, Jim.

* prizes are determined solely by me, will have little if any monetary value and probably include a lame joke.

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I think raising your stats will have something to do with Jim. He gets masses of hits a day, I don't really understand why, but like to Snooze Button Dreams often. Sell yourself there, baby. Seriously.

posted by: Helen on 01.22.04 at 04:09 PM [permalink]

Well hey. 150-175 people per day? Looks like I'm not as much of a weenie as I thought I was. Or you're more of one. Whatever.

By the way, I wrote in for a ballot and never received it. =( I take it I'm part of the backlog they mention. Go me.

posted by: Nicholas Liu on 01.22.04 at 09:00 PM [permalink]

I shall do my part. Just have to go find my pimp cane...

posted by: Jim on 01.22.04 at 09:58 PM [permalink]

You get pimping there Jim...and there goes the pimp cane prize.

posted by: Simon on 01.22.04 at 10:26 PM [permalink]

There's only so much that those of us without 'blogs and do for the effort. I did submit my ballot for you last week if that helps. Might I suggest calling in Helen for a guest blogging series titled "My exquisite breasts". Your site meter would be spinning fast enough to cut wood with it. Just a thought.

How did the bonus situation play out? And what color Ferrari did you order?

posted by: Paul on 01.23.04 at 12:21 AM [permalink]

Thanks, Paul :)

Although, strangely enough, my stats seem permanently locked in the mid 500's.

I blame Jim.

posted by: Helen on 01.23.04 at 03:25 PM [permalink]

You best get "Huggy Bear" Jim out on the corner touting your 'wares!! If you ever decide to shop for a new blog pimp shoot me a note! Will you subsidise my pimp college MT classes?

Oh right, this is Simon's blog. DOH!

We now return you to all the ex-pat goodness that is Simon.

posted by: Paul on 01.23.04 at 10:39 PM [permalink]

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