January 22, 2004

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As one of the 4 expats left in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year long weekend I am left with little to do except this.

Chinese New Year: it's like Christmas and Easter and New Year all rolled into one. There is not a soul here at work. Out of a floor of 100 people, I am the only person here. Why? The nature of my job is such that unless the entire world is on holidays, someone needs to be here. My team covers all of Asia including India. Let me tell you now, there are not many holidays that all the different Asian nations (including Japan, China, Singapore etc.) all take off.

Not to worry though, I'm out of here in an hour or so. I need to get back home as there's a parade for the Lion Dance (to scare away the bad spirits). Followed by an afternoon of wishing we were in warmer climes. And basking in the warm glow of my family's love.

Yes, it's going to be a tough day.

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Happy New Year!

posted by: Helen on 01.22.04 at 04:08 PM [permalink]

We're in the same boat. Here in SGP, nearly all the restaurants are closed, taxis are few and far between and even our Fifth Avenue, Orchard Road, is a ghost town. At least you have a family in whose glow you can bask!

posted by: richard on 01.22.04 at 04:50 PM [permalink]

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