January 21, 2004

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Chinese New Year wishes

This week is comparable to a Western Christmas/New Year season. Most people are planning holidays, work is slow and the emails with best wishes for the Spring Festival are flowing in. Here's the best so far:

The year of monkey is coming, he is energetic and lucky, may all the best to you, stay in health, deep pockets.

A company is a tree with lots and lots of monkeys climbing earnestly. See upward, all butts, look down, nothing but smiling faces. Hope you can climb higher and higher, see more smiling faces and less butts.

That sure beats "all the best for the year ahead". I'm still smiling over this one.

To get you through the slow times try this completely tasteless game.

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I loved that game, actually. Sadly addictive. 578 was my personal best.

posted by: Helen on 01.21.04 at 04:56 PM [permalink]

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