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January 20, 2004

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How to spot a sect

From the SCMP:

Almost 40 mainstream Christian churches have urged followers of the controversial Church of Zion to stop drinking hydrogen peroxide, while urging the public to be aware of the differences between conventional religions and radical sects.
There's a handy guide for you. If your church requires you to drink peroxide, it's a cult.

posted by Simon on 01.20.04 at 10:40 AM in the


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Yeees... I can see how that would be a problem.

posted by: Pixy Misa on 01.20.04 at 11:01 AM [permalink]

What the hell!

I wish the article was available online.

posted by: Nicholas Liu on 01.20.04 at 05:12 PM [permalink]

Mmmmmmm - my Kool-Aid tastes funny...

posted by: kennycan on 01.21.04 at 11:58 AM [permalink]

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