January 16, 2004

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Word of the Day today is "updation".

Definitions welcomed. Then I'll post an updation.

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The Letter Of The Day Is W
Excerpt: W is for what would Martin Luther King, Jr. want? W is for who knew? W is for War. What is it good for? Apparently, quite a bit! W is for wise words. W is for what we're not hearing about Iraq. W is for the Word of the day. W is for workplace woes. W i...
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here is the news
Excerpt: Microsoft not pleased about mikerowesoft website: A Canadian teenager called Mike Rowe who added the word soft to his name for his website title, has been ordered by Microsoft to hand over the domain. He said no, spent time etc...
Weblog: the shaky kaiser
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If your savy readers can't help with this, you'll be pleased to know that Google gives 21,700 references.

posted by: Ma on 01.17.04 at 11:16 AM [permalink]

Without checking any sources I believe it means the practice of online media outlets deleting or editing extremely bad or biased reporting without notice of a correction.

posted by: StMack on 01.19.04 at 09:45 AM [permalink]

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