January 13, 2004

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5 minutes to boarding means 5 minutes of pure blog time. Shanghai is a great city and after 24 hours I've already got some great impressions and stories.

One of the main things to remember is even though Hong Kong is part of the People's Republic, it still counts as an international flight. As such that means leaving the heart of Shanghai only an hour and a half before your flight leaves little room for error. Unless your driver is good at driving at 150 km/hour. While dodging trucks, busses, bikes, people and other lunatic drivers.

All I'm saying is instead of worrying about the planes, I should have been worrying about the driving.

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well, what did you think of the calloway golf clubs., just bought similar 350 dollars, sent to middle east, told they were the real macoy!

posted by: chris on 02.29.04 at 03:35 PM [permalink]

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