January 11, 2004

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On the road again

I'm off with a shiny new China visa in my passport to brave the wilds of Shenzhen and Shanghai until Tuesday night. There's plenty to keep you going until then. Try the contest and vote; the two posts I just spent my Sunday night writing (below); or jump into the favourites to see the giddy heights this blog has managed to miss. Then work your way through the blogroll and report back what you find.

Otherwise posting will be light to non-existant until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. But what great posts you'll be getting after that! In fact I will start my first post with whatever is the best starting line left in the comments. I'm going to put one up just so I've got a back-up. But I'm sure you'll come up with something.

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"There are some parts of animals that are not meant to be eaten..."

posted by: Simon on 01.11.04 at 10:05 PM [permalink]

"'Woof woof, ribbit ribbit, squeak squeak'; real chinese food talks back."

posted by: oli on 01.12.04 at 12:20 AM [permalink]

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