January 09, 2004

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There is nothing worse than knowing something bad is going to happen and being powerless to stop it.

Currently our office is situated in some el-premo real estate, right in the heart of Central. From the window 2 metres to my right I look across Victoria Harbour to Kowloon. I can see a working port in action, the helicopters ferrying their rich cargo back and forth, the mountains of the New Territories. It is a 2 minute walk to the delights of the IFC shopping mall or one of a hundred good eating places, shops, dodgy alley markets and the like. It is an easy 5 minute walk to the Star Ferry terminal, where my bus picks me up and drops me off. It is great. There's a strange fascination though with people switching seats; in the year I've been here I've seen some people change seats 4 times. It's part of HK's desire for constant change.

Yet disaster looms. As part of a consolidation in office space we are going to be moved. Not just to anywhere. To a building right on the edge of Central, part way up the hill. Effectively it is Siberia. There is little in the way of life outside of the office block that is there. No views. A hell of a schlep from my bus stop. It's a disaster - I'm being dragged into this need for people to change all the time.

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The back of beyond
Excerpt: Simon is whining about having to move to a new office, wait for it, right on the edge of Central. Not Tuen Mun, or Tseung Kwan O, or the Tai Po Science Park, just another location in Central that doesn't
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Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. Try havin' your first office be shared with a sister company's office in Worldwide House (which has a cool view, and is decently located), then move to 9 Queen's Road (no view, tiny as hell, great location), then end up in fookin' Wan Chai at the AXA Centre (with no view, shite location, and the worst elevators in HK).

Pffft, lousy office space...hrmph. :-P

posted by: nekkid on 01.09.04 at 02:20 PM [permalink]

it will save you joining the gym. More walking , less eating.

Also ask boss for rise to compensate for loss of view amenities. Add this to the sinking dollar. he might give you a rise just for the humour you provide.

posted by: da on 01.09.04 at 03:37 PM [permalink]

Get yourself a Feng Shui book and learn enough that you can naysay any location which doesn't have a harbour view.

"We must have the mountains at our back and the sea in view, or else the dragons of bad luck will never go away!"

If your new office is anywhere near a coffin shop, mention the point repeatedly, with a panicked expression. "Good Lord man! That location is full of coffin shops! Do you want us all to die?!?!?!"

posted by: dave on 01.09.04 at 07:41 PM [permalink]

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