January 08, 2004

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Mrs M and I get along extremely well. But one thing we've found is we disagree strongly with each other when it comes to names. With JC I at first didn't like the name at all, but after a while I put my foot down because it was the best damn name I'd ever heard. Mrs M put her foot down on PB, and in hindsight she was right, it's a great name too. However there were many late night discussions both times on names. Once we even sat down and wrote down the 5 names we had on a shortlist in order of preference and they were diametrically opposed.

So it's time to turn to you for help. In the comments please leave any and all suggestions you have for names, either male or female. Nothing is too weird or wonderful.

Of course like any contests I, as sole judge, reserve the right to change the rules as I go along. But otherwise through in any names you like. Mrs M and I may or may not use any of the suggestions, but it should at least help more than "40,001 Baby Names."

As an incentive there's a prize. A big one. Not only do you get a chance at naming my third born child, but the winner will receive a special photographic package of "their" baby. It will be just like one of those child sponsorship things, but you don't need to send any money. Of course you could send money if you like; I'm not going to stop you.

Spread the word; name our third child.

posted by Simon on 01.08.04 at 11:16 AM in the


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i think Jonny Martin Clive has a nice ring to it (could be Jonnina Martina Clivella in the event of a girl). or alternatively given you are now in h.k. i think you should go for one of the western names favoured by the locals. based on names i've seen and heard around here how about Winson, Happy, Prosperous or Kinki? or even better - Chapman!

posted by: english on 01.08.04 at 11:26 AM [permalink]

Yeah, a HK name is a must:


Good for a boy or a girl.

posted by: shaky on 01.08.04 at 11:53 AM [permalink]

A name for a boy or a girl?

How about "Laurence Olivia"?

posted by: dave on 01.08.04 at 12:11 PM [permalink]

In a lager influenced conversation, I had suggested that a friend of mine use eBay to auction of the naming rights. :)

Needless to say, his wife did not agree on the suggested methodology.

Don't forget to take a look at our baby site. I must admit it might not be of much interest to veteran parents... but you never know.

posted by: shri on 01.08.04 at 12:30 PM [permalink]

hmmm, Ebay. Now that's an idea.

posted by: Simon on 01.08.04 at 01:49 PM [permalink]

First off-CONGRATULATIONS!!! (See, I am a liter-saying American, so I had to start that one off big).

Second off-perhaps you can identify the nature of naming. You're Aussie, she's from Hungarian background, so do you prefer names from a specific ethnicity, or is it just a "that name sounds cool"?

posted by: Helen on 01.08.04 at 04:52 PM [permalink]

what about DC, or TJ, or one I've always liked PR

posted by: CF on 01.08.04 at 05:43 PM [permalink]

Just a name that sounds cool- one for each sex, that we can both agree on would be great!!

posted by: Mrs M on 01.08.04 at 08:46 PM [permalink]

I've always been fond of Paul but I might as well suggest Narcisuss while I'm at it. My son is Parker and my daughter is Bailey and they turned out OK but your results may vary.


posted by: Paul USA on 01.09.04 at 12:28 AM [permalink]

I've always been partial to Claire for a girl, even before it got trendy.

Boys are tougher to name, I had one son and he's a 'junior'. Fine name, but taken. ;)

posted by: Ted on 01.09.04 at 01:19 AM [permalink]

Girls names that I've always thought are lovely: Olivia, Kaisa, Kathryn, and Lily are my faves.

Boys: Nicholas is a good one. Hmmm...men's names are harder to come up with than women's names...guess that's lucky, since you seem to have a record with having little girls!

posted by: Helen on 01.09.04 at 01:44 AM [permalink]

Girl: Estelle, Jose, Kajsia

Boy: Samson, Tomas, Flynn

posted by: Giles on 01.09.04 at 08:11 AM [permalink]

Girl - Grace
Boy - Robert

Don't use Nicholas - Nick Masnick? Similiarly no Jack or Jake either. Unless you think he will be the rough outdoors type or a hard boiled private eye.

posted by: kennycan on 01.09.04 at 04:18 PM [permalink]

Giles and I both like Kaisa.

It's thus a consensus, and must be accepted as the name of your future baby girl.

The people have spoken!

posted by: Helen on 01.09.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Keep 'em coming!

I must admit one of Mrs M's early favs on the girls side is a Scandinavian name. I just don't want her to sound like she's part of ABBA!

posted by: Simon on 01.09.04 at 04:43 PM [permalink]

For girls, Rachel, Alexis, Diana, Ariana, Erin or Kayla

For boys, I've been partial to Donovan, Jarred, Vincent, Sam, Seth, Aaron or Holden


posted by: Kelly on 01.12.04 at 08:30 AM [permalink]

Hey M Family,

Nice seeing you at the wedding. As an Aussie girl with a Greek name who is now Jewish I say mix it up!

How about Kylie Shoshanna Udel M or Brodie Marek Solomon M? You could also go with Cath & Kim's fave - 'Ebony Rae'.

posted by: Athene on 01.13.04 at 08:27 AM [permalink]

I like Michael or Adam for a boy
Or Karen or Jessica for a girl
Nics rong to it

posted by: michael on 01.21.04 at 05:35 AM [permalink]

In the states it's increasingly popular to name children after ... well ... states. There are loads of Virginias, Montanas and Dakotas (we used Dakota for our puppy so I have to advise against that). You could do something similar using Australian states/territories or Hungarian provinces.

Here's some examples: Zala, Bekes, Hajdu, Borsod, Barshont, Szabo, Coral, Cocos, Heard, Donald, Victoria.

Be cautious though. There are some not so fine choices as well: Western, Norfolk, Australian Antarctic, Pestpilis-soltkiskun, and Jasz-nagykunk for example.

posted by: Jim on 01.22.04 at 10:16 PM [permalink]

God not Coco...don't use that one - I had a dog named Coco. That would be cruel.

Girl: Alex (I like it when girls are named boy names)

Boy: Griffin

posted by: Tiffani on 01.23.04 at 03:29 AM [permalink]


I'm starting to appreciate Jasz-nagykunk a bit more...

posted by: Jim on 01.23.04 at 10:11 AM [permalink]

Jim, if you name a kid after New Mexico, I'll name mine after a Hungarian province. Ball's in your court.

posted by: Simon on 01.23.04 at 06:34 PM [permalink]

Crap on a cracker! I missed this???

Okay, my nominations are Miranda, Spenser, Schuyler (for either gender), but definitely not Vegemite.

By the way, the first two suggestions are personal favorites of mine.

posted by: Da Goddess on 01.24.04 at 04:39 PM [permalink]

adam is a good name. better than darren. also better than eric. and alan. all of the above are favored mispronounciations of my name, which i note features in another readers suggestions.

so, my suggstion is adam if it's a boy. ergo, eve if its a girl.

posted by: aaron on 01.26.04 at 11:07 AM [permalink]

I love to name babies we've named 6 of our own and could continue on if I wasn't fond of a little sleep :-) I love these two for a girls name it's a combo of my husbands Grandma's names, Lura Rose is what I would name another girl if I had one. Boys names are harder for me to pick out how about Theron it's Greek and it means hunter so how about Theron Hunter or Hunter Theron :-) I like strong names for boys all my boys have them.


posted by: Nelle V. on 01.26.04 at 11:16 AM [permalink]

Can't really give any suggestions on what names are good... but these names are definitely NOT good (in Bangkok anyways, where people grew up teased even though the locals have names like "Ball", "Earth", "Pop", "Car".)

Diana: Once had a friend teased for Middle School and High School years of her life. It's always "Here comes Princeesss Diana!!!"

Adam: "Where's Eveeee??"

Coco: "You wannabe coco lee?"

Aaron: As in Aaron Kwok

Miranda: A fizzling soft drink in Thailand that comes in colours of green and red and stains your tongue.

My personal fav is Sky, just because you can write it in Chinese, Japanese, and/or any other language and it will universally mean the same thing. Man of the world!

*Examples above are accounts from true stories and not subject to my mutilation of words*

posted by: solidstars on 02.08.04 at 12:11 PM [permalink]

Samuel? Louis? Odysseus? Daniel? Eliezer (Eli?) Laszlo? Mordecai? Gabriel (Gavriel?)? Andreas? Theodore?

Claudia? Cecilia? Theodosia? Florence? Vera? Sophia (Zofia, nickname Zosia)? Abigail? Rebecca? Miriam?

posted by: jane on 03.02.04 at 04:56 PM [permalink]

hmm, since you mentioned that Mrs M's early fave is scandinavian female name, how about Bryndis? Brunhilde? Freyja? (which i'd name a daughter after it, if i ever am going to have a kid that is) they certainly don't sound ABBA-ish, innit?

as for boy's, i'd go for Ewan, Cian or Fergus. heh, must be the celt in me.

posted by: breanagh on 03.30.04 at 10:55 AM [permalink]

How about Amerikkka? Or since I hate vowels, Kyly, Prynce, Wyndy, Cyndy, Lynndy, Jymmy, or Tymmy. Or how about Tyrone?

posted by: bill on 04.04.04 at 09:16 PM [permalink]

As long as the the initials don't end up as PK, I think you're good.

Give your child a Chinese name! Confuse everyone thereafter!

posted by: hkgirl on 04.11.04 at 05:56 AM [permalink]

Make up an all-purpose fantasy name that can be applied to a baby of either sex.

Graknor the Vile

Laxnartchum the Vaguely Nonsensical

Wdlifdoiadfnakfdreoiakjbfnjd the Unpronounceable

or, short and sweet: Og

On second thoughts, don't traumatise the kid. John if he's a boy, and Jane if he's a she(Though I'm not sure what you'd call them if they're neither of either.)

posted by: TimT on 04.17.04 at 09:42 PM [permalink]


it means "he laughs"


amber b/c that's my name

it means "precious jewel"

and a always a favorite *bryce*
good for a boy OR a girl as it is my sister's name.

good luck.

who knows? maybe you already named it.

posted by: amber on 04.19.04 at 06:47 AM [permalink]

Girl: Maia, Caprice, Hadassah, Sionead, Siobhan, Eileen, Lace

Boy: Porro, Ian, Atticus, Gideon, Harvey, Norman, Denim

Yes yes, I took liberties with the Harvey Norman chain of stores and Denim and Lace from a book I read as a kid. I tried to come up with some Celtic names 'cos I couldn't think of any Scandinavian ones. :P

posted by: savoirefaire on 04.22.04 at 09:50 PM [permalink]

How about Millstone--some basic biblical references there. Plus makes a nice monogram for the towels.

posted by: John on 04.29.04 at 12:11 AM [permalink]

girl: Athena Maria (my name, but everyone calls me Red)

boy: Grayson Walker (my son's name, we just call him G or sometimes now that he's two we call him G-force)

posted by: Red on 06.16.04 at 11:38 PM [permalink]

Girl: Emma, Tessa, Leah, Brandi
Boy: Tad, Lance

posted by: Ellen on 06.17.04 at 09:59 PM [permalink]

Isn't the obvious name for a boy Seven?

If it's a girl, may I suggest two names that my sister-in-law encountered teaching in an all-Armenian school district: you pronounce them Shi-theed and As-keek, but they're spelled Shithead and Asskick. True story.

posted by: Mud Blood & Beer on 06.19.04 at 03:00 AM [permalink]

Isn't it obvious? If it's a boy, his name should be Seven.

If it's a girl, may I suggest two Armenian names I got via my sister-in-law (a school teacher who came across these in class): pronounced Shi-theed or As-keek, but spelled Shithead or Asskick.

posted by: Mud Blood & Beer on 06.29.04 at 02:04 AM [permalink]

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