October 20, 2003

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Hong Kong Gweilo Fest is

Hong Kong Gweilo Fest is going from strength to flop in record time. Prince was good on Friday night, with the organisers only having to give away 700 free tickets and the removal of 1,000 otherwise empty seats from the expensive seat area. Still it looked like it was pretty full, so they got away with that. The family day on Saturday was by all reports well attended, with a jumping castle and other kid friendly activities filling up the empty space. Saturday night's Craig David concert was the low point. The stadium was half full even despite a desperate attempt to give away free tickets.

The whole event is Government subsided and a complete waste of money which I have gone on about before. The organisers are the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), who have shown that as rock concert organisers they make a great Chamber of Commerce. The only people who were going to buy tickets to this thing were expats for the Western stars; these expats are not teeny-boppers looking for the latest boy band heart-throb. Prince was a good idea, Craig David a stupid one. If they really wanted full houses they need a mix of stars like Prince, who let's face it were biggest in the 80s (or as far back as the 60s for the Rolling Stones), and some local Canto-pop stars that would sell out in 3 seconds and make the local population appreciate they are getting something out of the whole exercise. That's nothing more than common sense. Instead it seems they have gone out and tried to find who was available and make a Festival out of that. It is just such an obvious cock-up and waste.

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