January 02, 2004

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One thing I've noticed being back in Australia for two weeks is how pervasive reality TV has become. There has hardly been a conversation with friends that has not mentioned one reality TV program or another. People plan their social lives around TV schedules. A good conversation starter is always the latest controversy or happenings in whatever is the latest hot show. It becomes part of news stories on TV and in papers. It really takes over people's lives, speculating and conjecturing. I am sure it all comes down to some deep pscychological urge to watch others enduring/suffering/competing as some kind of vicarious pleasure for those at home on their sofas. Luckily TV in HK is usually so bad and so far behind the rest of the world I don't suffer the same reality TV bug any more.

Damn I miss it though.

posted by Simon on 01.02.04 at 03:33 PM in the


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Your blog is my reality TV show

posted by: CF on 01.02.04 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

What TV?

Yet another reason why people should watch anime.

posted by: Pixy Misa on 01.02.04 at 07:27 PM [permalink]

I noticed that the U.S. had a reality show for everything. Soon it will be "Dishwashing-the Reality Show". They even have one now to get a job working as Donald Trump's P.A.!

The words "pathetic" and "sad" come to mind.

posted by: Helen on 01.02.04 at 10:23 PM [permalink]

i saw one weird singapore reality teevee shit today where the local tv station put these 5, 6 year old girls in separate rooms, watched by cameras of course. to do what?

to see them cook! for real! to see if who among them could, at age 5, fry an egg and mix a pancake! the hilarious (and tragic, at the same time) was that one component involved having them prepare their own milk formulas.

posted by: adri on 01.02.04 at 11:22 PM [permalink]

Saw this and thought you really must be exposed to it, Simon:


posted by: Helen on 01.03.04 at 08:39 PM [permalink]

Yeah, that was pretty dumb. The guy really is a crocodile expert and knows what he's doing, but accidents happen and you don't want a baby around when they do.

posted by: Pixy Misa on 01.04.04 at 01:01 PM [permalink]

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