October 30, 2003

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Thais love Fulham

Looks like I might be able to merge my love of Thai food and my English soccer team, given the Thai PM has hinted he may buy the team. Al-Fayed denies it, but the truth is he's been looking to get out for a year or two as it couldn't get him English citizenship.

I imagine a few changes should the transaction happen. No more chips and pies at the game. Instead it will be Paad Thai and Mee Grob. Every full moon the team will play a "special" game on a beach island which goes for 28 hours non-stop. The new team mascot will be an elephant. Traffic jams around the ground will become common place, even if they aren't playing. And there will be some areas of the ground off-limits to the young ones. They don't need to know how to do that with ping-pong balls.

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