May 22, 2005

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Daily Linklets-arity

Japan: Kobe Bryant's dad will head the bj league. Hillary ensues.

American deserter Charles Jenkins gets an American passport. Sympathy ensues.

Kyoto celebrates the Aoi festival. Tradition ensues.

Korea: Josh at OFK reviews Jasper Becker's new book about North Korea. Maybe the pro-Pyongyang government in Seoul should read it. Bush certainly has -- no free food for fiendish fascists.

Of course, the Norks do have some redeeming qualities.

China (Beijing): Are anti-government riots the seeds of an insurgency? My opinion: no.

The Beijing consumer and Jing at Those Who Dare both review Star Wars: Episode III: The Phantom Menace. My opinion: Star Wars: Episode III: A Lost Hope is even better.

More thoughts on East Asia balancing China.

China (Taipei): Movie star Jackie Chan says he will stay away from Taiwan for four years. Is upset about unfair election on the island. Apparently not so upset about no elections on the mainland.

South Asia: India shows off its killer vehicles. They'll need to to overcome the Sino-Pakistani Missile Shield...

... especially considering China's recent invasion of India!

What's the deal with Banglaeshi border camps?

In possible retaliation for not buying her planes, France opposes adding the world's largest democracy to the U.N. Security Council.

Meanwhile, America deals with Asia's newest dictatorship

South East Asia: China is planning naval activities in the Malacca Straits, off Indonesia. Meanwhile, America is planning naval activities in the Malacca Straits, off Malaysia.

Central Asia: What was the Uzbekistani Andijan Uprising? Or the huge American airbase, for that matter?

South West Asia: China's threesome with Israel and Iran goes embarrassingly wrong.

America's threesome with Iran and Iraq goes embarrassingly friendlily.

Is May the month for Spring in Damascus?

H.P. Lovecraft would approve of the horrible awfulness in Iraqi Insurgent Sniper Training. I wonder if they will target pretentious Harvard playhouses.

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