April 30, 2005

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Daily Linklets (TGIF)

  • The pseudoblog Farang Affairs Bangkok News Review assures us the the girls of the Bangkok International Motor Show were not alarmed...


    ... while David at Mango Sauce takes a look at Thailand TV over the internet...


    ... and mid-life crises.

  • The anti-Sri-Lankan Tamil Tigers' have a new breakfast cereal (courtesy Something Awful).

  • Cuzon at Coming Anarchy condemns Japanese self-hatred at the New York Times and journalistic sloppiness from The Guardian. Gaijinbiker at Riding son analyzes the train disaster from an anti-groper perspective and notes the Japanese are celebrating Hirohito's Birthday Green Day. Meanwhile, New Komeito bows down before their Robot God.

  • One Free Korea continues to update on North Korea Freedom Week.

  • Civil Liberties Watch: In South Asia The Acorn goes dark (well, on hiatus anyway) after being banned for a foreign government. In Southwest Asia, the Saudis round-up Christians. At least the North Koreans pretend to allow Christianity.

  • Linklet Update: Democracy Arsenal and Liberals Against Terrorism look at United Nations reform. You may remember CA's status reports. India and Japan are both trying to gain permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council.

  • Linklet Update 2: Jing was unhappy with the Battle of Talas reference. Here's wikipedia's version.

    Unrelievedly, Jing also compares KMT-CCP meetings through the ages ...


    ... and sailor police.

    Guess which one is prettier to look at?



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