August 16, 2004

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Strengthen the Good

It's a simple idea. Every three weeks the people from Strengthen The Good will find a small but worthy charity and post about it at the central site. Then bloggers who are part of the network link to that post and publicise the venture, trying to raise money for that cause. The details are spelled out here and here. It's run by Alan from the Command Post and bloggers can sign up to the mailing list. The charities highlighted will be small ones where even a $1 donation can make a difference.

Compassion fatigue is a growing problem, especially in the blogosphere where there seem to be plenty of worth causes to promote. Hopefully this will become a central depository of worthy charitable ideas instead and bring more focus to the fundraising potential of blogs. If you have a blog I'd encourage you to go and sign up; if not I intend to link to each new cause as it is posted.

(found via ASV and Rusty)

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