May 02, 2006
Papa don't preach

Jake van der Kamp in the SCMP on the latest spat between the Vatican and China (and just as they were getting all chummy):

Consider the facts. A distinct community within a larger one elects its own immediate leader rather than have this leader imposed from above by a central governing authority that insists on absolute sovereignty in such matters. It is just the sort of thing that Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun has long advocated for Hong Kong. Bring on democracy, he thunders at Beijing from every pulpit and podium that he can find. Let Hong Kong choose its own chief executive.

But when the priests, nuns and parish representatives of the Roman Catholic Church in Kunming then elect their own bishop rather than have the choice foisted on them by the Vatican, he suddenly discovers a different message. It's sabotage, he protests. The choice ought to be made by the Pope alone. The central governing authority must have absolute sovereignty in such matters.

Have I already said in this column that our cardinal has difficulties understanding the meaning of the word hypocrisy?

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