May 06, 2004

Asia by blog

Yesterday's Asia by blog has proved a resounding success, if the sole email I got in reply is anything to go by. Durian Nation got the idea. Link back to here or leave a comment if you think there are other posts or blogs that should be going into this. I use the Asia Blogs roll and the Asian ones in the Good Stuff roll from my sidebar. I'm always open others.

China Letter has a great post that covers China, the Uygur and his personal relationship to both. I don't often say this, but this is a must read.

Before I go on I should mention that Giles has set-up an Asian Blog Awards. You need to register before you vote, but that's a small price to pay in order to reward the sites you love (that would be this one in the Hong Kong category). Now, on with the link-fest.

The Philippines goes to the polls soon. Sassy Lawyer has some thoughts.
Richard and Douglas talk about religion, especially the Mormons, and China.
Nicholas gives us some stories from life in the Singapore army.
Madame Shutterfly has a photo exhibition planned in support of the HK Dog Rescue gallery.
Marmot talks about China's demand for an apology from Japan, and notes that Japan and South Korea won't be going to war this week after all.
Bre gives up on Singaporeans.
Alex tries her hand at Haiku.
Conrad talks about the grizzly murders in Boracay this week of 4 people and notes some subtle racism.
Shaky has some pictures of China that have been doing the rounds. (I can't recall which blogger had these first - I'd be happy for anyone who can point to the original).
Hemlock, while counting his money, sees the Great Garlic Disaster of 2004 as China's way of consolidating its grip on "industrial safety mayhem".

By the way, apparently London's Chinatown may be moving.

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