April 20, 2004

Don't hit me Sarge

About one third of Hong Kong's boys in blue believe women make great punching bags when they're not their husband's sex slaves.

About one in every three policemen is a male chauvinist, believes a husband can discipline his wife whenever necessary and have sex whenever he wants it, a survey has found.

In cases of family disputes, he is more likely to side with the husband than the wife, according to the survey conducted by the Chinese University's department of psychology from 1998 to 2002.

"They (police) tend to underestimate the seriousness of family violence and are less likely to treat the cases as such...This means that the necessary intervention and follow-up work are often neglected."

There's also an article on a domestic abuse activist in Hong Kong and her fight to spread awareness about domestic violence. This is all part of the growing response to the murder of a woman and her two children, mostly likely by her husband, only a few hours after she had gone to a police station for help.

Will it lead to more concrete steps to address the issue? I hope so, although I fear it may not. After all, you've got an entire society to change. But it has to start.

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