April 29, 2004

Over there

There's been mention over the last few weeks both here and over at Andres about the Australian diaspora. It turns out Australia's Senate is looking into this very issue and is due to report in September. There is a link to an interesting report on the topic on the site too. I would venture that Australia has one of the largest per capita expat communities in the world. I am sure part of it is because we are a naturally brilliant and good looking group, wanted by the world. I am also sure it is because Australia is a world class place in terms of education but offers limited opportunities because of its remoteness and (lack of) population. But I do know that most Aussies that head overseas only ever see it as a temporary thing - at the end of the day most want to return "home" to the Lucky Country. Anyone who has ever been to Australia can understand why.

Posted by Simon at April 29, 2004 03:01 AM | TrackBack

aren't you supposed to be on holiday, safe in the bosom of a loving family, and not blogging? or is this blog thingy of yours now part of the family too?

Posted by: giles at April 29, 2004 04:58 PM

Simon, you make a wonderful pitch for moving to Australia. But there's one tiny hitch. Australia's educational system seems to have left many of you needing some buffing at a weekend Hyphenation and Punctuation Camp. I don't disagree that Australia is a world-class place and Aussies are a good-looking group.
By the way, the casual attention paid to the horizontal short line between adjectives modifying nouns is common to many of those educated in Commonwealth countries.

Posted by: Picky Nit at May 1, 2004 01:12 AM

good point there picky nit, at least we don't leave out the 'u' in words like "favourite", "colour" and "favour". and we say "e-ruck" instead of "eye-rack". which no doubt left us all "educated in commonwealth countries" chortling till our sides split.

Posted by: breanagh at May 2, 2004 01:33 AM

i apologise to anyone who spells or pronounces those words as described above. i do not mean to cause any offence but my comment was directed at Picky Nit.

many thanks.

Posted by: breanagh at May 2, 2004 01:40 AM
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