April 01, 2004

Worthy Post of the Day

Adam rightly comments on Six Apart's response to the blocking of Typepad by China. The Six Apart response is hedged and pleads ignorance, which is probably the right response for them, although it seems obvious to most China bloggers that this is a permanent block ala Blogspot. To be fair they seem to be trying to get to the bottom of it, although I can't see the Chinese Embassy in Washington promptly responding to Six Apart's queries. Adam's theory that they should rely on reports from bloggers themselves is telling but Six Apart really don't (yet) understand what they are dealing with. It is outside their usual frame of reference.

Besides it is mostly irrelevant. Already the China blogging community is coming up with its own solutions to the problem. John has started with the new adopt a blog idea. I've already offered Munu's services as part of the great invitational. Please help spread the word.

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