December 03, 2003

He's back

Despite some thoughts to the contrary, the famous Gucci is back. The SCMP reports

The crafty crocodile has popped up for the second time in three days, 3km from his former haunt in Yuen Long creek, witnesses say.

Officials from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department could not confirm the most recent reported sighting by a sand barge skipper late on Monday afternoon.

But they admitted the rogue reptile had surfaced late on Saturday in the same area.

We've had the unsuccessful Australian croc hunter (and now national disgrace) John Lever fail. We've had the best and brightest from HK's Agriculture, Fisheries and Convervation Department (AFCD) fail. We've had the local population fail.

Now I have found the solution. Inspired by Jackass: The Movie, let's use one of their stunts:

For their big screen debut, the pranksters spare no expense with their antics, which range from the ridiculous (strapping rocket fireworks to rollerskates and zooming down a hill at breakneck speed; dangling from a rope over a crocodile pit wearing a jockstrap stuffed with raw chicken) to the sublime (a bone-crunching banger car race using golf buggies; dressing up in giant panda suits and running amok on the busy shopping streets of Tokyo).
Get those lads out, get them to repeat the stunt, and they'll have Hong Kong's eternal thanks and a great story for the grandkids.

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