November 19, 2003

I win and lose

From Madfish Willie and Susie there's Google Fight.

Today's results:
Simon World 3.59 million vs. Evil Glenn 164,000

Eat that, Puppy blender.

Good: 120 million vs. Evil: 11.8 million


Yin: 981,000 vs. Yang: 7.06 million


May 7 (my brother's brithday): 13.3 million vs May 8 (my birthday): 13.1 million

That bites. But it leads me to a semi-interesting story...

My brother was rude enough to have a birthday exactly one day before mine. We are seperated by 1 year and 364 days (don't go quoting leap years on me people, there weren't any between our two birthdays). So this is very convenient right? Both birthdays together and all. Let me tell you it was and is not.

Every single year we had plenty of visitors over for my brother's birthday. He would be inundated with presents. He would receive many good wishes and way too much attention. And he would lap it up. In the meantime I got to watch. I got given my present with the same warning: "You're not to open these until tomorrow." I had to sit and spend agonising hours watching my brother play with whatever goodies he had received, while I anxiously glanced at my unopened pile and wondered if the contents would live up to my expectations. You see the bar had been raised: whatever my brother had received became the benchmark by which all my presents would be judged.

Eventually the long day would end. My birthday would start. My parents would make a big effort to be even handed. But they couldn't do it two days running. No one could. So my birthday was always the anti-climax. It was the cigarette after the one night stand - satisfying but somehow the best part has finished, never to return.

Being the only siblings we had we were at turns incredibly competitive and co-operative. Usually the competitiveness was played on in various sporting endevours, from backyard cricket to rock 'n' roll bed wrestling. Co-operation usually involved saying the other brother did whatever the parents were supscious of. But one thing above all others we competed on was famous events on our birthdates. Perhaps Jen could help, but generally it came down to VE day (the end of WW2) was May 8, and not much happened on May 7. Yet it never stopped endless discussions and to this day, should I find the TV stuck on a documentary, the mention of either of these dates elists and email immediately to my brother.

I'm not bitter about the birthday thing. My nervous tic that seems to come about every May 7 is nothing to worry about, or so the doctors say. Chalk that down as something that happens May 7. I've learned to internalise and repress. Just so you've be warned; May 7 each year is an interesting day for me.

Posted by Simon at November 19, 2003 04:58 PM | TrackBack

nobody else may ever read this, but you and i both know the truth. lies, damn lies.

you never got any presents. m&d just re-wrapped some of mine for you.

Posted by: paul at November 19, 2003 07:02 PM

My therapy bill is in the mail.

Posted by: Simon at November 19, 2003 07:35 PM

You see, I see it the other way round. My birthday is one day before my brother's, but we are separated by 9 years. June 2 and 3. I call him the Birthday Thief - as soon as it was his birthday, mine was forgotten! Being a lot younger, everyone made a bigger deal out of his birthday and forgot mine! Then two weeks later, it's my sister's birthday. Must be something special about September for my parents.

Posted by: shaky at November 20, 2003 11:39 PM
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