November 05, 2003

It's almost here...

Don's attempt to get Survivor: The Blogosphere Edition off the ground is coming together. An official first draft of the rules has been posted. Furthermore a new site has been setup and I've already added it to the Blogroll on the right. Look for people racing for the lowest common denominator in the quickest time, all in the comfort of your internet browser.

The best way to watch these things is with an outer layer of sarcasm and an inner layer of all-consuming interest. Reality shows like this are like car accidents or those funniest video shows - they repel and draw you in at the same time. Your head says no but your heart and remote control finger say stay, watch a little and enjoy others' suffering.

Only problem with this contest is the participants aren't half-starved and sleeping in make-shift shelters. Actually maybe some of them will be anyway?

Stay tuned.

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