October 30, 2003

PB Bio

Now it's mine turn to tell you about myself. My name is PB. I look like this. I have 8 teeth at the moment. I can walk and I can tell you that a duck goes "quack". I can say "Muma" and "Dada" and I even know who they are.

I like following my sister JC around. I want to do whatever she is doing while she is doing it. JC sometimes shares and sometimes doesn't. I like Misti too. She let's me play with her tail.

I like wearing necklaces. I like eating lots. I eat more than anyone else in the family. I eat more than everyone else in the family put together because I am a growing girl. I even eat Play-Dough.

I am always in a good mood. I smile all the time. I like watching Teletubbies and whatever JC is watching. I have short curly hair and I know how to blow a kiss and to point to the sky when an aeroplane flies past.

I would love a little brother to play with one day.

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