October 30, 2003

JC Bio

Hi, my name is JC and I've taken over my Daddy's blog for a while to tell you about myself.

I love Barbie. I think I look like Barbie. Barbie is beautiful. Pink is my favourite colour. Barbie is pink. Pink is Barbie. I also love my Hong Kong teddy. I love PB, she is a good toy. So does Misti.

I go to school. My daddy has some issues with my school, but I love it. I go for 3 hours every day, Monday to Friday. I am in Miss Phoebe and Miss Carole's class. I don't like pink. I love it.

When I grow up I want to be Barbie. I like playing in the playground, swimming in my boobies costume and waking up very early because Mummy and Daddy love me lots at 6am. I have lots of friends from Disneyland and school. I am always busy with birthday parties. I sleep in a proper bed and I have fallen out only twice. I also like purple, but pink is my favourite colour.

Sometimes the fountain at the entrance to Disneyland isn't working. Then I get Daddy to ring Bob the Builder. He can fix it. I love watching movies. I love the two Barbie movies, Rapunzel and Nutcracker. I dance ballet to Nutcracker. I am going to be a Barbie ballerina one day. I used to be scared of the Mouse King in Nutcracker until Mummy told me he was an angry mouse, not scary. I'm not scared now. I also like watching Toy Story (both of them), Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Play School, the Wiggles, Binka and Hi-5. I watch these a lot.

I have big eyes and long hair like Mummy and Barbie. PB and Daddy have short hair. I like eating cereal, sausage, schnitzel von krum and pizza. I eat these on my Barbie plate. I drink my water from my Barbie cup. I love dressing in my Barbie underpants, with my Barbie t-shirt. My favourite pajaymas are my Barbie ones, except maybe the Woody and Buzz ones, or the Disney Princess ones.

I love Barbie.

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